Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Isn't it Always the Way?

I lost a filling yesterday. A large one from a front tooth that's left me with a nice hillbilly gap until I can get into the dentist. Feeling shlumpy this morning and being a little pressed for time I threw a kerchief over my unruly hair, didn't bother with makeup, grabbed an old T-shirt and pair of pants and headed out with the family for the local Canada Day parade confident that my appearance didn't matter too much as I'd only be seeing family.

So of course one of the people in the parade would be the Member of Parliament for the riding, Scott Brison, who I'd worked with in the riding association years ago and who I'd worked for on his first federal campaign. And of course he'd recognize me and chat me up a bit about what I was doing now. Ah well, Scott is a fantastic guy and always a pleasure to talk to.

Lesson learned. Always make sure you're presentable because you never know who you will meet.

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molytail said...

Oh I'm bad for that sort of thing - running to the grocery store in my sloppy pjs (*some* pjs double as pants, but not all should LOL) with rats nest hair...