Monday, June 9, 2008

The Origin of Grading Children

This is an absolute must read. Over at Beyond School, CBurell has a fantastic post that details the history of large classes and the grading of children. Here's a snippet of what he had to say (in a quote from a comment he made on another blog):

Large class sizes plus the GPA game transforms students into grade-junkies, and teachers into mere graders. My evidence: I’ve had about 50 students ask to meet to discuss their grade this year, and how they can raise it. I’ve had three ask to meet to discuss how to write better, read poetry better, or otherwise “learn from teacher.” My take-away: they see me as a grade-giver, and school as an instrument for getting them into college, not a place to learn.

But you've got to go read the whole thing. There are extensive quotes from Thom Hartmann (who will be familiar to ADD folks) on the chap, William Farish, who came up with the system of larger classes and grading children that is so embedded in our culture today most people can't even begin to imagine education without it. There are informative links galore, especially in the comments and I guarantee you, it'll be one of those reads that just solidifies those Jello-y thoughts that previously sloshed around in your head.

If you ever have a hard day and traditional schooling is singing a siren's song in your head, go back to that post. It will rescue you.


Anonymous said...

This is why I love you. Said blog article now printed and saved forever in my "priceless wisdom" folder.

Dawn said...

Let me get this straight...You only love me for my links?