Sunday, June 8, 2008

Creative Writing With Role Playing Games

I was talking about role playing games a few posts ago and mentioned that, "And now I have to go look around the interweb because I am SURE I saw a whole creative writing program based on an RPG."

I found it. It's called Legends of Druidawn and there's not only an ebook available for download but a whole 'nother site, The World of Druidawn, where it looks like students can talk and submit stories and art. Very neat and for $39.95 it may be a good deal for some.

Me? I think I'll stick with the The Faery's Tale (which I have purchased but haven't read yet). From what I remember simply playing a good rpg without any extra creative writing program was enough to get me scribbling down stories and characters ideas.

One note on looking for rpgs though, if you're new to them you might want to make sure to look for a D6 system. That simply means it uses the plain old six-sided di that all of us have in drawers or old Monopoly games. Some systems use some more exotic dice that you'll only find in a gaming store.

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