Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girls and Horses

Catherine is at a Guides campout tonight and tomorrow. It's happening at a horse farm where the 18 or so pre-adolescent girls will all get riding lessons for a day.

I don't envy the Guide leaders.

Campout. Horses. Girls.

I think I'd rather walk over slippery river rocks with vials of nitroglycerin strapped to my chest. Much less explosive.

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molytail said...

ROFL *grin*

Cindy was in Guides last year & the year before (she didn't want to go back this year - she said it had gotten boring..I'm hoping she'll give pathfinders a chance)...the second year, she went to a week long camp and it had a big horse riding component as well - she was *thrilled* and talked about it forever... well, until guides got "boring." LOL