Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spore. It's Almost Here.

If you're a true geek then you''ve been waiting years for the release of a game called Spore from the gaming god, Will Wright (of Sim City and The Sims fame). Spore is a life sim that should take the player from a one-celled organism through to getting a civilization into space.

And it's coming in September. That sound? That's the squealing of millions of joyful gamers all around the world.

Today I downloaded the demo version of the Spore Creature Creator and since then, the kids and I have created dozens of creatures. It's a blast to do and the possibilities, even with the fairly limited choices in the demo version, are almost endless. Needless to say, tommorrow there will be a purchase of the ten dollar full version of the creature creator.

One neat feature of the creator is that when you're finished you can make a video of your creature and upload it to YouTube (someone in marketing needs a whopping promotion). The creativity on display on YouTube is wonderful. People are using it to create beautiful little creatures:

Weird and wonderful beasts:

Human beings:

And even dirty words and sexual acts (Just search for "spore mating" on YouTube)

Crazy. But I think this is just a hint at what Spore will do. It's not meant to be consumed by the end user, it's meant to be controlled by the end user. And it's a pile of fun.

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Anonymous said...

Oooooohhhhh, Wiki tells me the game music is by Brian Eno! As a child of the 80's who sported spiky black hair this definitely caught my attention!

It all looks very cool. Maybe it will finally get my spawn off Roblox.