Monday, June 9, 2008

I Now Love Facebook

I've been a little complacent about Facebook. I signed on, added friends, liked connecting with people...Well, I was on today and a family member I hadn't spoke to for ages chatted with me.

It was fantastic. It happened to be a family member that's been in the back of my mind for awhile. This woman is brave and independent and someone who, even if we weren't related and I'd just met her, I'd want to know. The only problem is that she's on the opposite side of the country. A relative I'd love to have over for supper, see tickle the kids, drink a few beers with and she lives an eight hour flight away. Sheesh.

So I love Facebook now. It's the neatest thing. And if you do visit my blog Cousin, I forgot to say it in our conversation but I love you too!


molytail said...

I was all over facebook last year - after swearing I wasn't the least bit interested LOL....and then...I dunno... the novelty wore off? I got tired of deleting inappropriate crap from my funwall? (Not that I can't appreciate an adult joke, but I should be able to check my OWN facebook page when Cindy is around and not worry about that)...

Maybe I should go look around again... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... my facebook page is blank, I have no friends, and every setting you can imagine set to "private". Got an account just so I could get to the local homeschoolers group page to see what activities were coming up. I kinda figure if I really cared about anyone I would have sought out their email over the past twenty years! Then when I thought about all those people I was being "friends" with, it turned out I really didn't give a hoot whatsoever what they were doing :-) The boyfriend from 26 years ago apologizing for being an ass back then was kind of cool though... so he had the honor of being my friend for a couple weeks, then I deleted him... put him back in history where he belongs.