Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hair by Harry

I was having a bit of a day today. It was overcast outside and that was reflected in my mood - quiet, sullen and lazy. I don't know if my six year old saw that or if he was just in a makeover mood but in he came to where I was sitting, holding a hairbrush.

"Mom, take that off please," he said motioning to the do-rag on my head. I did.

He took the brush and for a good ten minutes brushed my hair, carefully pulling through some of the small knots (my hair procedure in the morning amounts to washing it in the shower and then covering it up). I'd sneak a peek and see that look of concentration where his eyes were fixed on the job and his tongue was almost, but not quite, sticking out the side of his mouth.

He stopped for a moment, I heard a sound and then he started smoothing my hair with his hands.

"Harry? Did you just put spit in my hair."

"Yes Mom. It makes it smooth."

Ah. Okay.

Once he was satisfied he wandered off and I though he was done. Not quite. Back he came with a small plastic butterfly hair decoration and a string of purple dollar store beads. He clipped the butterfly in my hair and put the beads around my neck.

"Now you look beautiful."

I thanked him and hugged him and he went off to play. I have no idea what inspired him but darn it, he made my day.


Jacqueline said...

That is so sweet!

Dawn said...

It is...The spit washes out after all. :D

Anonymous said...

No pictures?? :D

Laura said...

It sounds like Harry did a beautiful coif for you.

I suppose if we can clean our kids' faces with spit occasionally, they can use it as a hair de-frizzifying serum.

I've caught kid's vomit in my cupped hands so it wouldn't get all over. Spit in your hair is not the worst that can happen.

Sweet kid.

McMama said...

That's just too adorable.

molytail said...

aw, too cute!