Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Day Off From Being a Good Mom

I'm still sick but I just got up an hour ago so while I have a clear and rested brain I'm going to post something.

For the first time since we cut off the cable TV I've been missing it. Reading requires to much focus, as does web surfing, as do puzzle books. Vegging in front of a The People's Court (yes, I secretly love that show. No time for Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown but Judge Milian rocks) with a bowl of throat-soothing ice cream is about all I'm good for and the one thing I now can't do.

Okay, not really. Trust that I will always find a way to veg in front of a TV when given a good excuse. We happen to have the first season of Stargate SG-1 and the entire run of Firefly on DVD. The husband and I consider them educational investments, key to raising good geeks. So Monday and Tuesday were passed with the kids and I watching Stargate.

We found out something interesting. The first episode of Stargate contains nudity. Not a little bit either but an extended scene of full frontal female nudity and much breastiness (my spellcheck doesn't like that word but I think it sounds fantastic). The kids giggled a bit. They've seen nudity in movies before so it wasn't a big deal for them. Just a bit of a shock for the recovering prude of a mom. Fortunately I remembered that I am now a hip and progressive mom and that meant nudity was fine and I relaxed and simply watched the scene with the kids.

While the nudity went by with nothing more then the giggles a bit of gruesomeness that followed got me a sharp look from Catherine. A parasitic creature emerged from a woman's belly in search of a new host. Sort of Alien like but more schlocky, this being TV and all.



"Harry might be scared. Should he be watching this?"

Catherine loves a good orc decapitation as much as I do but Harry is a bit of a more sensitive soul. He just can't handle the gross stuff like the women folk. But with this he seemed fine. I think it makes a difference when you're watching something in daylight with your family on a somewhat crappy TV. I reassured Catherine and we went on to spend a total of four hours in front of the TV.

Nakedness, parasitic creatures and hours of TV slavery. Made for a fun day with the kids.


Anonymous said...

Oh the little boys and their sensitivities huh? I just chased my two off of YouTube because M was clearly anguished by a cartoon Kirby getting into a frightening scrape.

Congrats on being a hip Mom now! I too am hip, I reminded myself as such when the woman at our first tryout of a U*U service this past Sunday told a tale of her biological father not speaking to her because she's bisexual and how he had tried to drown her mother when pregnant. My eyes shot to the kids for a reaction. None. They were bored to tears... (the kids program room was not in use because the leader of the kids program was absent).

At worst I thought Hope would probably construe it as being snail like and asexual, Michael maybe hearing the word by and sexual. The whole almost drowning bit seemed to wiz right over them.

Then there was the man wearing a skirt... (an African garment perhaps?) they didn't say boo about that! (But I garnered several peeks)

Oh isn't it cool being so hip :-)

JJ Ross said...

Dawn, are you always so funny when you're sick?? ;-)

Dawn said...

I think I get funny when I resolve not to give a shit and just loosen up. Being sick gets me there. Rum too but I had to stop the drinking what with the medications and all...


Dawn said...

Lorraine - Yes! My nephew is the same way. He couldn't watch Spirited Away for the longest time because of that.

JJ Ross said...

I want to stay now, just stare at the screen to see what the heck you say next! :D

Dawn said...

:D Hope you weren't there all night!

christinemm said...

I tried to show my kids some Star Trek Next Generation. I had not seen it since the early 1990s when I was single and childless. At first they were okay (not watching them in order just for the record).

Then there were some with really flirty behavior with some aliens trying to mate with the Trekkies!!!

I also had forgotten how sexy some of the costumes were.

One episode I believe had a woman alien with three breasts. The kids were surprised at that one.

One episode the transporter malfunctioned and melted the people into the floor. THat was it for my older son. YOu never know what will bother him. He had a nightmare about it. I think he was 7 or recently turned 8 at the time.

So the sexiness thing was not the reason we stopped in reality but I'm glad we stopped it. YOu just don't know from one episode to the next if it will be 'tame' or too mature for kids.

It is funny how we forget certain things about old shows we used to watch and how we perceive them differntnly with our Mommy Eyes.

Dawn said...

Yup. I'm quite sure the kids don't notice half of what we worry about.

And I know what you mean about TNG...I actually don't think there was one Star Trek spin off the didn't have a female who's character was defined in part by a skintight uniform!