Friday, April 13, 2007

Two Good Things.

It's been such a good week so far.

Early in the week I received an offer to work in a medium I love on a couple of subjects that I think are fantastic with a person I have a lot of respect for. Whoo hoo! If I could turn cartwheels around our living room, I would be!

Wednesday I took Catherine to Brownies and there, coming out of the church, was the mom I'd been waiting to talk to for months. She's a homeschooler too and since our daughters are the same age and know each other through Brownies I thought we could get together. I introduced myself and mentioned I homeschooled.

And then I told her whose mom I was and she told me whose mom she was.

It turned out that her daughter was the girl Catherine always came home talking about. They're already friends and the friendship started, Catherine later told me, when she first started Brownies and was feeling a little shy. The other girl was the one child who walked up to Catherine and made her feel welcome.

I also learned the Catherine was the one Brownie the other girl kept talking about because, "She knows everything I know mom!"

The two homeschooled girls found each other and Catherine finally has a friend who not only shares interests and homeschooling but is just a drive away.


Anonymous said...

That's neat.

Hope you hit it off with the mom too. I've been living in my city for a few years nw and it's been difficult meeting people that have something in common with us.

Dawn said...

The mom seems pretty great. Her mother is actually a friend of my MIL's so I've been hearing about her for years but never connected with her.

Hopefully we'll hit it off!