Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Break

Apologies to anyone who might be reading on a regular basis. My mom and dad came up Thursday afternoon and we decided to jump in their car and spend the easter weekend with them. The husband and dog joined us on Saturday and the easter bunny managed a visit Sunday morning. It was a pleasant stay but the usually two-hour trip back home clocked in at about 3 hours due to spontaneous-pee-producing moments where blowing snow made the car ahead of us, the road and everything else disapear. The husband was reduced to driving-by-hope a few times. We were also plowing through drifts that reduced the road to one lane at times. But we made it home.

This morning I'm researching monochrome laser printers. We have an inkjet all-in-one but on the last time we ran out of ink the cost for the black and colour cartridges almost reached $100. The bloody all-in-one only cost $60. I'll keep it for scanning and colour printing but pick up a cheap laser printer for the worksheets and such.

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