Monday, April 9, 2007

The Schooly Stuff.

My third post for today but heck, I haven't posted for 4 or five days so it's okay. One post to explain my absence, one for the YouTube joy (oh yes, she has realized she can embed videos. She is happy.) and one for the actual and original purpose of this blog. So on to what we did today.

What we did was a little bit of Math Mammoth and then several pages from a dinosaur activity book. Nothing too challenging. Catherine also did some logic puzzles for the first time and really enjoyed them. I used to love doing them as a kid and she has just as much fun.

She then wandered away from the table and started drawing dinosaur pictures that are meant for a future exhibit on dinosaurs. I'm betting that my living room will be swimming in plastic dinos by the week's end.

Harry grabbed some paint and decided to paint one of his wooden trains blue. Thankfully, it was a generic Walmart one and not a Thomas engine. He then painted a lego truck and a dinky. The dinky was painted to become Lightning Storm McQueen. LSM is an alternate blue version of the lead character from 'Cars' created by whoever manufactures the toys because all the little boys already have a red version and need something else to ask their parents for. Thank goodness my little guy just grabs a dinky and a paintbrush.

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