Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Question on Blogging Ettiquette.

I wrote a couple of silly responses to a blog post yesterday. In the original blog I was responding too I left a comment with links in it so the author could check out my responses if she choose to. The author didn't like this and let me know. Her position was that if she choose to link to me, she would do it herself. With hindsight I realize that I could have let her know about the responses, not linked to them, and she could have simply clicked on my blogger profile to see where my response was.

So I'm wondering if I breached a commonly held bit of blog ettitquette?

In past experience if I've responded to something I've included a link in a comment to let the original blogger know about it. I considered that a courtesy. I know I've had responses to my posts, particularily the comic book ones, that I didn't find out about until I checked my sitemeter account or stumbled on them in another manner.

On the other hand it sure might seem intrusive to have someone linking to their own posts in someone else's comments section. A bit spammy really.

I believe every blogger has the right to run their blog as they see fit and I appreciate that the author of the other site made it clear how she felt on the issue. In the future I'll probably keep her objection in mind when commenting on other blogs. My position with my blogs is that I don't mind links in the comments(appreciate them actually - unless you're selling something) but what about in general?

I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts on the issue.


Pissed OFF Housewife said...

It felt a little spammy but your email is much appreciated.

Sometimes tone is lost when you haven't had dealings with the other person.

Sorry I missed the lighthearted tone.

The Rhino

Dawn said...

Don't worry about it. I've done the same damn thing before.

Hope you'll be back. :)

unschooler said...

I tend to think that people should comment however they see fit. If I hate their comment or don't want it to appear on my blog, I delete it. Can't seem to edit them...although that would be censorship now wouldn't it.

Robin said...

I think it is OK to good to show the link in a comment (although not to unrelated items one is trying to sell).

Any blogger should be able to delete any comments. With some hosts, like blogspot, you can set it up so that you can "moderate" comments and accept or deny them before they ever show up.


Jo said...

What unschooler said. :) Of course, I'm not very PC when it comes to blogging sooooooooooooo.