Monday, April 16, 2007

Science Actually Done

So we did our math and grammar stuff in the morning and in the afternoon tried what I mentioned in the last bit of my last post.

We started at Scientific Studies at Rader's Biology 4 Kids and read the first page. At the end of that page is a little quiz to take. We did it and Catherine did really well, getting almost every correct. On to the next page on reasoning. When we were finished that page I grabbed the worksheets I printed from The Biology Corner and we got to work. The Penny Lab experiment went really well and provoked a lot of discussion about scientific method, reasoning and even math (we had to average out the numbers from 5 different trials).

When we got to the next worksheet, The Martian and the Car, we had to do a little googling. the sheet involves making points for both why a car is a living being and why it isn't. We had to learn what the characteristics of living things are so we found this page. After we found that we went off on a tangent trying to list things that displayed a characteristic or two of living things but weren't.

Tommorrow we'll review logic with this page. Catherine's been doing logic puzzles for the last week so although I expect her to forget some of the big words I do think she'll get the gist of the page. Then on to Taxonomy and I'm not sure how or if I'll supplement it but I'll be up early enough tommorrow to figure that up.

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