Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Want to label yourself an Evolved Homeschooler?

So Chris let me know some people wanted to buy some stuff with the 'Evolved Homeschooler' logo on it and asked me if I wanted to set the shop up since it was my logo. Well, I'm not sure it is since I stole the name from Chris, filched the darwin fish and then let Satchboy make the logo with Spider Monkey's design idea. Regardless, I consulted with my design team (the aforementioned Satchboy and Spider Monkey - they're MY geeks, you can't have them) and it was agreed the logo would be released onto T-shirts and teddy bears with the stipulation that any profits would go to charity (TBD).

Here's our store...Evolved Homeschooler Stuff

EDIT: It's to be a kids cancer charity. A lot of people over at the MaxPC forum have been touched by cancer and/or are Folding@home (feel free to get involved if you're not already folding!) so scientists can understand certain processes that lead to diseases including cancer. A kids charity because of the products are for homeschoolers.

I'm looking at different charities right now but if anyone has any suggestions or has been involved with a particular charity we could send donations to, please let me know.


Dawn said...


MUCH better! :)

JJ Ross said...

I think this is completely great and I am promoting it at Snook too. Which I will not link because it might offend you. :)

unschooler said...

Love your evolved homeschooler gear. Wondering where the idea may have come from...not here by any chance?

Dawn said...

Actually, from COD's ( 'Evolved Homeschooler' Wiki.