Saturday, April 14, 2007

Harry's Day.

Yesterday was definately Harry's day. First there was the episode where I called him and he wouldn't answer. I finally found him on the top bunk of his bed with his head tucked under a pillow. I asked if he was okay but had to drag him out from under the pillow to get a reply. He was fine but embarrassed. He had a very pretty Barbie beside him and had been playing with her.

Poor little guy.

I then told him that I thought it was okay that he was playing with the Barbie and he was obviously relieved. We've never made a big deal about 'girl' or 'boy' toys but he's obviously picked up on the idea.

He rediscovered his male side when he spent a couple of hours playing Tonka Firefighter on Catherine's computer. The geek in me was beaming as he played. Harry's taken a lot longer to get comfortable with the computer then Catherine did and wasn't even interested in it for the longest time. Yesterday however he was giggling madly as he set off fireworks and cheering as he put out forest fires.


Sindy said...

I bought my son the Fisher Price doll house for his 3rd birthday because it's what he asked for. My husband was in a bit of a panic about it, I think. That little boy is now 15 and very much a teenage boy - girl crazy and all. Kudos to you for not making a big deal out of boy versus girl toys. Lord knows the world does enough of that and then some.

Dawn said...

It's not something I have a hangup about. :)

I did have a friend who bought her female toddler a toy tool set and then found herself fending off a MIL attack because, "What did she think she was doing? She'd turn her daughter into a lesbian with toys like that!"

Where's a good Lobotomist when you need one?