Saturday, April 28, 2007

Adventure Math with Alexandria Jones

Denise at Let's Play Math! is bringing back a newsletter she once ran.

The newsletter followed the adventures of homeschooler Alexandria Jones, her archaeologist father, and the rest of their family as they discovered a triangular treasure from ancient Egypt, puzzled over patterns in Pythagorean pebbles, or explored the applications of math in daily life. We learned about hieroglyphic math, fractals and chaos theory, logarithms, geometric algebra, and how to multiply any numbers using only the times-two table.

Denise has already got the first installment out and I can't wait to try it out with Catherine on Monday. She's getting bored with math worksheets and loves puzzles as well as anything that can be remotely linked to Ancient Egypt. This looks like something that will be really fun to follow.

BTW Denise, if you ever collect the adventures into a book I know a certain homeschooling mom/aspiring comic book artist who would LOVE to do the illustrations. :D


Denise said...

I spent some time this afternoon exploring your other blogs, and now I can't wait to see what you come up with for Alex Jones!

Dawn said...

I hope you liked my drawing blog then. :)

I always turn just the tiniest shade of red though when people mention they've checked out my other blogs because I always know that includes the one where I spend a lot of time talking about superhero boobs. :D

Denise said...

Oh, but the "salt & pepper shaker" article was soooo funny!

Dawn said...

Scroll a few posts back and check out the 'Boys who need Breasts' post. I giggled like a madwoman when I wrote that. :)