Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stepping Out of the Closet

Anyone reading might notice that I added a couple of other blogs of mine to the sidebar. Feel free to check them out. I'm not simply an ultra-cool homeschooling, evolution-accepting christian mom, I'm also an aspiring comic book penciler and occasional commenter on comic book fangirl issues.

I didn't have the links there for awhile because I, um, maybe was a little embarrassed by my love for comic books. That and if I get ever get around to giving my MIL the link to this blog so she can check up on my kids' homeschooling she might very well click on the blog where all the pictures I've drawn of naked ladies are.

Anyway, it's out in the open now. Revealed. Click on them (or not) as you wish.


misedjj said...

Thanks, Dawn! Hope you don't mind if Snook returns the favor and blogrolls you and your closet and all those comics (which are very big around here too.)

p.s. you know what could be interesting -- A little autodidact collegial project on the Evolution of Comics?

Dawn said...

JJ - Oh shucks! I don't mind at all.

The Evolution of Comics...That sounds sort of cool...

misedjj said...

Start a thread for it and I'll tell you all about Young Son and how he loves the old comics, Peanuts especially (do you know how many siblings Snoopy had and what all their names were? He does, but I bet you would miss one or two, proably the SISTER, ha!)

Now what makes a third-millennium video game and Star Wars kid so enamoured of these classic black and white, good old days comics? Darned if I know -- is he an evolutionary throwback maybe? :)

And Favorite Daughter is a throwback too (not that I would! -- throw them back I mean.) She's very big on old movie lines including Monty Python and Princess Bride but way older too, like Philadelphia Story and GWTW, so I will send her over to visit These Go to Eleven.