Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Response. Part, the Second.

To gift Pissed Off Houswife with another link here's the post I just commented on in my last post. Except this time it's worth scrolling down to the comments section for this nugget...

How many parents honestly have a good idea about titrations, oxidative phosphorylation, Cartesian philosophy, or building birdhouses?

My answer? Probably not a lot. But it's easily remedied with a few hot and heavy moments of Googling.

Titrations The most basic explanation is that it's a controlled drip. Something like a Fox News anchor but in liquid form.

Oxidative Phosphorylation This one is tougher but I am confident that, as shown in this animation, it has something to do with electrical outlets, funnels and bellows.

I'll probably get a clearer picture when we cover celluar respiration in a few years.

Cartesian philosophy Refering to Descartes and his crazy thinking. You all remember your grade 11 philosophy class (I mean we ALL studied philosophy in high school, RIGHT? It was third period, just after quantum physics) where you were joyfully submerged in Pythagoras' divine numbers, Platonic Dualism, Aristotles' idea of causality and such? Take them all, mix them in a shot glass, chug it down and the cute little burp that comes out after is Cartesian Philosophy.

Building Birdhouses?

Oh. Like this one?

They come in kits now. Any 8 year old can do it these days. In fact an 8 year old did THIS one. While telling a 33 year old to bugger off.

"I can do it Mom."

"Stop hovering Mom."

"Go AWAY Mom."

Pffft. See if I make YOU any brownies kid.

Anyway, the point? The point...Oh. The point is that while many parents might not have a good idea about titrations, oxidative phosphorylation, Cartesian philosophy, or building birdhouses they certainly could have a good idea with a little effort and interest. See how fast I picked up on the key role household electrical outlets play in oxidative phosphorylation?

I respect the fact that most parents don't want to homeschool their kids. I don't respect arguments that seem to imply most parents aren't smart enough or curious enough to homeschool. Parenting period demands those things.

Now, excuse me but that oxidative phosphorylation thing has piqued my interest. I think I'll pass the kids a couple of funnels, a fork and sit them in front of an outlet. Instant learning experience!


Housewife said...

"Now, excuse me but that oxidative phosphorylation thing has peeked my interest"

should read... has piqued my interest....

It's a long fall from a high horse.

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...


I didn't think I WAS wrestling with a pig. I thought I was posting a couple of lighthearted responses to a post that reflected someone who enjoyed some banter. No harm meant.

I mean, kids with off switches? Funnels and outlets? Taking ME seriously?

misedjj said...

I just read back through Housewife's blog, and "lighthearted" or "banter" is about the last impression that would occur to me. It looks dark, hostile and closed to me, scolding about fatal conditions and violent death mixed in with some cynical sales for personal profit.
(Bad form? High horse? Maybe she's projecting . . .)

Also if you read down through her unbelievably long screed, she's chip-on-the-shoulder proud of her whole family's blue-collar Dem identity, which tends to see unionized public school as economic deliverance. In my experience, it's easier for a scab to cross a picket line than for folks like that to be lighthearted about us homeschooling heretics. We do too well at "their jobs" without a union card. :)

misedjj said...

Still staring at the pig - why DID you start this, Dawn?? I had clicked to POH from her profile so was reading all the current blog posts; I see now the homeschool stuff was from January, and the screed is actually from one of her "customers" while
POH herself is more of a RHINO, out getting botoxed and looking down her nosejob at all the other moms (not just homeschoolers) and so bored that even her housekeeper is bored . . .

Pissed OFF Housewife said...

pig, rhino?

Wow! Way to embrace the sisterhood.

misedjj said...

Doesn't feel too good to be sideswiped by ignorant others, eh?

Dawn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dawn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dawn said...

Her opinions on homeschooling aside, I thought I sensed a good humour there that could take a ribbing and I don't think I was wrong.

Maybe POhousewife got a bit of different take then I intended but she's probably faced a bit of flak from the original post and was carrying that with her when she read mine. It's certainly something I know I've done before.

Many times.:(

I still like her style and we've got a lot of common ground, being stay-at-home moms and all. She's welcome here and I look forward to reading her blog in the future as well.

Housewife said...

Also Dawn, the comment wasn't left by me!!!!

I don't think that's typical high school fare.

But gosh, your readers sure hate me.

Oh well, I'd wrinkle my nose at them but I'm thinking of Botoxing that too!