Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nevermind the Last Post.

So forget what I said about going back to Singapore Math. Nevermind. Catherine just doesn't like it right now. So up it goes onto a high and dark shelf and on we go to the next Math Mammoth book.

See, now if I were an 8 year old I would look at the 5 questions a page in Singapore, compare it to the 20 to 50 questions a page in Math Mammoth and declare Singapore the winner. Not so with my kid. She likes the simple layout, the loads of equations, the progression from one thing to the next of the Mammoth Books.

Good thing the Singapore books were only $20 or so.

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Dawn said...

:) Well we're loving Math Mammoth here. You can get samples at Maria's site to check out.

I just keep thinking we have to get back to Singapore for some reason, probably because it's the big curricullum everyone knows. Curriculum snobbery or something.
Gpt tp get over that and just ge with what works.