Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Science Part 3

I'm done whining about a lack of science curriculum for secular homeschoolers. Who needs it when there are sites like Rader's Biology 4 Kids? Seriously, why would I want a text and workbook when I've got a website?

We sat down and read a bit more from the site today. We went over Taxonomy and the different Kingdoms. It was flippin' fantastic. When we got to a part that mentioned cilia I simply opened a new tab and googled 'paramecium video' and got a slew of little paramecium videos to look at. Catherine watched the little things beat their cilia as they moved around. What textbook could do that?

When we were done with the Biology 4 Kids pages we visited Brainpop. It requires a subscription but it's got some great little animated shorts and we watched a couple on the 6 kingdoms. It confused Catherine a little bit because we'd just left a site that refered to the 4 kingdoms. B4Kids dealt with the 4 kingdoms of the domain Eukarya while Brainpop refered to the domains Bacteria and Archaea as kingdoms. We'll do a bit more research but if say, any blogging biologist happens by maybe he could enlighten us a bit.

Anyhow, it was a blast and I'd reccomend the site and it's sister sites to any homeschooler who's on the hunt for some organized approach for science. A little googling the night before and it's easy to come up with related experiments, worksheets, activities, videos, etc for the next day. I'll post related material we use as we go on and maybe collect the whole shebang if anyone is interested.


Chris said...

Sorry for the off topic comment, but I don't see an email link. I got an email suggesting that I set up a Cafe Press store and sell Evolved Homeschooler stuff.

Great idea - but it's not my logo!
Are you interested in doing it?

Dawn said...

Sure! I just have to consult with the guys who helped me make it.