Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dinosaur Hunt

After math and after debating whether animals could make concsious choices about good and evil (we read the second Genesis myth last night)Catherine pulled out her really big dinosaur book. It's The Ultimate Book of Dinosaurs and of all our dinosaur books it's been the one that we've gone back to over and over again. She sat down on the couch and started working at reading huge dinosaur names and doing quite a good job at it. After awhile she decided that she was an Ornithomimus and that Harry and her niece Maddie were her babies.

Now of course a mother dinosaur needs to teach her babies to hunt but it's still a little disturbing to see your 8 year old hurl a stuffed rabbit across the kitchen and scream at your son and neice to, "Hunt the rabbit! Kill it! KILL IT!" Even more disturbing is to see that little, delicate 3 year old neice barrel towards the stuffed bunny on all fours, grab it in her mouth and shake it to kill it.

Things got a little gentler when Catherine built them a nest. I mean, yes, occasionally a pterodactactyl circled overhead and Catherine had to toss a blanket over them, whisper to them to be quiet and sheild them with her body but that's reasonable. She certainly doesn't have to much of a Bambi sensibility when it comes to playing animals.

The neice has gone home, Harry is watching Winnie the Pooh and Catherine and the husband are out swimming. I think it is the time for some chocolate mint ice cream.

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