Saturday, April 21, 2007

All Praise the Geek Woman.

Our internet connection has been horribly slow the past few days. Pages took forever to appear if they appeared at all and my P2P habit was cruely crippled. My Opera was marginally better then my husband's IE7 (you all know who the geek in our family is just by that, right?) but only marginally.

I did spyware scans (I run three different spyware programs) and checked my virus scan results (AVG runs a nightly scan) and nothing appeared. I power-cycled the modem and router and restarted the computer more times in two days then in the last 6 months. I googled the hell out of "slow browser" and went through dozens of forum 'help' posts. I fiddled with the registry. I cried.

Then just an hour ago I googled one last time. I found a little forum post describing a very similar problem and read the reccomendations. Even though I was sure it wasn't going to make a damn bit of difference I downloaded a program that was reccomended called Crap Cleaner and ran it.

Praise the Lord! My freakin' browsers work! They load faster then they have in a very long time. It's just brilliant.

Anyway, I highly reccomend the program for anyone who's experiencing slow browsing. Also, my computer is running like lightning in general now (as a Semron 3400+ damn well should) so if your computer is running slow and you've done all the spyware scans it's well worth checking out. CCleaner will clean your registry, crap from 3rd party apps, temp. internet files and probably the dust bunnies in your cooling fans.

Best thing? It's free!

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