Saturday, July 26, 2008

TV Down! TV Down!

The old TV in my bedroom just died in a flash of light. A burnt electrical smell is hovering in the room. It was likely the picture tube and yes, the TV is old enough to have one of those. Built in 1985 in fact.

We are delighted.

I'm happy because it makes our bedroom less of a den and more of a bedroom. My husband is happy because it means we can move the big entertainment system out of the bedroom. My son is happy because it means the VCR now gets to be hooked up to the big TV in the living room. My daughter is happy because it means the Gamecube now gets to snuggle with the XBox on the big TV in the living room.

Monday will mean a trip down to the recycling center where they take electronic waste.

Goodbye TV, you served us well.


molytail said...

aw, poor old tv :-P

Hey speaking of that - eastlink sucks. I was gonna turn the cable off for the summer here and they told me that if I want it back in Sept (which I would, because we use the "educational package" a lot Discovery, Discovery Kids, Animal Planet, etc) it would be $50 to have them hook it up again. Phooey to them. You'd think they could do it all with the flick of a button nowadays.

Dawn said...

They charge the $50 for bringing back and reconnecting the cable box. :( When they disconnect they take back their equipment. I figured we'd save the $50 on Cable TV charges anyway.

The problem? I forgot abou the Olympics! I'm currently trying to wrassle up an old pair of rabbit ears to get CBC!

molytail said...

Coat hanger & tin foil? Seems to me I remember having a mess of that stuff going up from the tv and all over the place in an old apartment LOL (I don't remember if it really worked though!)

Yeah - the aggravating rep I got couldn't give me a straight answer as to how much I'd save...we're on the bundle (cable, net, phone) so it's all mixed up...

Ha, I wish we could just get those four or five edu pack channels and that's it. But noooooo, you have to have the main cable for that. Y'know how many channels we use in the main cable? Two. Cindy watches 54 (family - hannah montana and stuff) and I watch channel 6 when Sue Thomas is on...that's about it.