Saturday, August 18, 2007

Congratulations Scott!

Okay, so Scott Brison probably won't ever see this but I thought I'd offer up my congrats anyway.

Scott Brison in a Canadian politician and openly gay. Today he got married to his partner, Maxime St. Pierre. A picture of the couple (Scott's on the right)...

A link to a news story.

Back when I was active in provincial youth politics I lived in his riding and helped with his first run for federal office. Now I was a 'youth' so that meant lots of envelope stuffing but he and his campaign office were always fun and upbeat. My sister and I eventually got quite involved in the provincial youth executive in the mid-nineties as well as some riding functions so we got to know him a bit. Not enough to get an invite to the wedding though! That's okay, I didn't have anything suitable to wear anyway. :)

Anyhow, if you ever see this Scott, congratulations and best wishes from one of the two sisters from Lantz. I hope married life brings you and your spouse every happiness.

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