Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Excellent Element Resource!

Want some fun videos to spark or enhance your child's interest in the elements? Try these videos produced by some wonderful people at the University of Nottingham. They're informative and engaging but the best part is when the guys demonstrate some experiment, like dropping sodium into water, and break into giggles when the explosions start.

Giggles should be absolutely mandatory in any video about the elements and chemistry. There's nothing so effective when you're trying to infect people with curiousity.

They haven't got all the elements done yet but if you, like me, get addicted to watching and want an update the moment a new one one appears then you can subscribe to their channel at YouTube.

Many, many, many thanks to Michael who posted about these on an email list we're on. And yes, I know you love me for this Lorraine.

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