Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lorraine's Links

There's a friend that comments on my blog quite frequently. She posts links in the comments and often emails links to me when she finds something useful. She also won't start her own blog for some strange reason (wants to "devote her time to the kids". Pffft). Anyway, her links are too good to not to share so I'm going to post them. I don't want to take credit for finding them though so "Lorraine's Links" is born.

I should also mention that I didn't ask her for permission to start a possibly semi-regular feature in her name but I figure if the emails start getting nasty or dry up altogether, that's my answer. Besides, if this pisses her off then she lives far enough away that there's little chance of physical violence.

First link is Money Sense for your Children. I actually linked to a whole list of files from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension but you'll find the six lessons a little more than halfway down the page (they're all listed alphabetically). There's a goldmine of other files in that list including pdfs on art activities for kids and getting a baby to sleep. Have fun looking!

Next is a bunch of fun downloads from Ellen McHenry. She's the auther of a couple of science curriculum including one on the elements that Catherine is currently begging for (check out the sample lesson!) and she has an excellent collection of resources including a map game of Ancient Greece and cut-and-assemble mineral crystal shapes. Awesome.

Last link is for The Young Scientists Club. This isn't free but also isn't too expensive and involves getting science kits mailed to your door. Pretty cool.

That's it! Whether there's another installment of this feature depends on Lorraine. Please heap praise on her in the comments if you liked the links!


molytail said...

oooo...nifty! There's a pirate math game on that Ellen McHenry site that we might try out....

Let's see, heaping praise...


(look, your name is all decorated purdy!)

How about a limerick?

There once was a lady, Lorraine...
Who (I assume) played the homeschool game..

The links she did send..
To her bluenoser friend..

Helped everyone smarten their brain!

K, at least it rhymes. *grin*

Alasandra said...

You have been nominated for Alasandra's HBA, I have a badge you can put on your blog if you would like.

Anonymous said...

blogger ate my comment... sigh... too busy devoting time to the kids to retype it. Damn. Blogger sucks. I love being famous though! :-)

Anonymous said...

And you'll be interested to know (I'm sure) that my kid devotion today consisted of about 6 hours (in addition to the initial six hours last week) of playmobil sorting. So now we are the proud owners of two 5 tier rolley carts, ten shoe boxes, four crafter sorter boxes, ten one cup snap lidders and one basket of organized playmobil. Un-freakin'-believable. Oh, I forgot the two milk crates full of vehicles. And now I move on to the bin of lego and other assorted crap that I hauled out of the playmobil stuff. I will send you a pic in case you don't believe me!

kitten said...

LOL! Thanks for the links.

Shirl said...

Just found your blog via the HE resources site - great links: thank you and thank you Lorraine!