Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Clock is Ticking

Yes, that clock. The biological clock that I never really believed in. For the past several weeks my hormones have been waging an all-out assault, trying to convince me that I need another child. Their argument is compelling.

Me: But I've got things I want to do now. A baby would put those goals off.

Hormones: But babies are snuggly!

Me: Sure, but what about my current kids? I want to devote this time to them.

Hormones: But babies are snuggly!

Me: Look, I'll grant you that but my husband and I are really starting to reconnect lately and a baby would definitely put that on hold.

Hormones: But babies are snuggly!

Me: I really don't think I want to do diapers and nursing for another two year...

Hormones: Look bitch. We don't really care about what you want. Your eggs are almost 35 years old. OLD, got it? This is it woman. You don't have that baby now and that's game over. Understand? Now ditch the friggin' birth control, grab the husband and go procreate!

Reason amounts to little in the face of hormones.


Jacqueline said...

:) I was 42 when my little surprise was conceived. My baby at that time was 13. The life adjustment is difficult at times but I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Laura said...

LOL Wow, those are some harsh hormones. They're not into finesse, are they?

Good luck fighting them off...

Or, enjoy succumbing...

Anonymous said...

LOL. Now this is *exactly* why I insisted that hubby get snipped. My eggs are 42 and they still do battle with me! But I can say too bad hormones... no fun for you!

Anonymous said...

So... who's the boss? The hormones or you? ;)

LOL... what a great read first thing in the morning.

Dawn said...

Jacqueline - That's the thing. I know that if I got pregnant, whatever else was going on, I would be absolutely thrilled.


We're actually in a the best position we've ever been in to have a baby. But I do have one more argument. I'd like to foster kids at some point and I'm not sure I'd like to do that with a baby...This is tough.

One thing's for sure. My husband is loving my hormones right now. :D

Luke said...

I can't relate to the mouthy hormones (yours sound mean [smile]), but I'm certainly getting antsy for a daughter myself.

Kidz, I wants 'em.


Frankie said...

43 here wishing I could have had more kids. I love my son, he's fantastic. I had one miscarriage and that scared the snot out of me, so we didn't try so hard. (I know when I ovulate.)

It's a -- not a regret, but a sorrow. If I were 35, I'd be trying again.

Babies are snuggly. There's plenty of time for other thigns down the road.

My hormones say to me: Look, bitch, you're old, tired and too late. Forget it. lol

Dawn said...

"Babies are snuggly. There's plenty of time for other things down the road."

I can't stop thinking about that. My hormones called you in for back up didn't they? How much are they paying you?!?!