Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cursive and Art

Yesterday we did some copywork and in the comments I said I had a few ideas for keeping with the theme of that work.

Today I took out her sheets from yesterday:

The words she had wrong I added to a short list of badly spelled words from an activity on Monday. I printed out some penmanship paper, copied those words out in nice cursive and gave them to Catherine. She wants to learn cursive so I thought this might be a way to practice it and spelling.

After that I sort of deconstructed her evil ring picture and set her up with paper, pencils and my wedding ring. For about 45 minute she drew, shaded, closed her eyes and sketched and got to know the ring pretty well. It occured to me yesterday that, of course, drawing is a skill like writing and it can benefit from criticism and revision so I told Catherine what I liked about her picture (the structure and planning) and then decided to use some of the elements of it as the basis of art activities for the rest of the week. My hope is that once we're done that part she'll go back and redo the original picture and be able to compare and see improvement.


Anonymous said...

Precious! :)

Melchior del DariƩn said...

Yes, her drawings, and the poem, are all pretty cool!

molytail said...

"100% Ring Feed" --- ha! Love that!

Looks like she's having some fun with this - awesome! :-)

Dawn said...

She's pretty clever when it comes to wordplay and cartooning. :D