Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mastodon Days

Our community has an annual event called Mastodon Days. A few years back a Mastodon skeleton was dug out of the ground somewhere roundabouts so of course we built a life size replica, a little museum with a mini-golf course and have a weekend with fireworks and soccer tournaments. What little community wouldn't?

Today was the soccer tournament and Catherine played twice. Harry isn't in soccer so he he just played at the nearby playground. The list of injuries?

Catherine - A soccer ball to the jaw. She was out of the game for about five minutes with a few tears but was soon playing again.

Harry - A preschoolers knee to his eye which is know decorated with a nice bruise.
- A finger imprinted with a cleat mark.
- Another injured finger though this time just from a sneaker.

He's going into soccer next year. Much safer.


molytail said...

ROFL *grin* ...yeah those playgrounds are dangerous places LOL ...glad they're minor injuries ;-)

I'm terrible at soccer. I'm terrible at sports in general. *So* not coordinated.

As someone who lives in the town that has a "Lobster Carnival" and very close to the town with a Potato Museum, I understand Mastodon Days. Yep yep.

Anonymous said...

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