Friday, July 18, 2008

Addicting Horse Blog

I found the FHOTD (Fugly Horse of the Day) blog sometime ago thanks to COD and it caused me to neglect my children for a good day or two. Recently I rediscovered it and predictably, my children are coming up to me again with big sad eyes asking, "Momma? When will you find us?"

You know a blog is good when you dive into the archives for days on end despite the cries of your starving children. *

Anyhow, enough about my parenting. A FUGLY horse is a *SWEAR WORD ALERT!!!* fucking ugly horse. This would be a good example:


Even to my extremely untrained eye that horse does not look right. Or pretty. Or healthy.

Granted, I am not a horse person so I look at half the pictures posted on the blog and think, "It's sooo purdy!" I then read the author's run down of the animals faults and realize why my daughter's future in 4H will involve chickens and bunnies. I would go out to buy her a horse and come home with the Equine equivilent of a K-Car

Before anyone goes to the blog and gets offended thinking she's simply a snob ragging on ugly horses be advised that she rescues and owns and loves fugly horses. Her problem is that these unsound and unwanted horses are being bred all over the place when there is already a huge glut of unwanted horses that go to slaughter or are shipped to Mexico for horse-tripping. There's much more to it for her but I will tell you she's made me completely rethink my own ideas on pet ownership.

I am now firm in the resolve that my own fugly dog (and any future cat or dog) will never have babies. The world does not need more puppies. It simply needs people who will love their fugly dogs.

Back to FHOTD.

She doesn't just go after backyard breeders in the horsey sense. She also goes after human breeders who have children and then do stupid things with them. Like this:


Makes you gasp in horror, doesn't it?

* This is just me going for the laugh of course. I am a good mother. The proof is the frozen pizzas and chicken fingers I keep in the freezer for just such a blog emergency. Quickly toss in the oven between page loads and you're off the hook for charges of neglect!**

** This is just for the laugh too of course. My husband is slightly afraid because one day he thinks someone will take my slightly dark humour seriously and call in CS because think think I was really serious about tying my kids to the flagpole and feeding them baby carrots with a slingshot.


COD said...

I've never been on a horse yet I managed to learn enough about horse conformation that I bought a nice, sound, if a bit green, horse without any professional help.

I had to quit reading Fugly. It was funny / interesting for a week or two, then it just got depressing.

Dawn said...

I only visit in spurts and I'm not part of the horse world at all so it's a little remote. I can imagine for someone who's familiar with horses and takes care of them it would definitely be a painful read.

Heather said...

I had exactly the same thoughts when I was looking through that blog. I also thought a lot of them were pretty, not having a clue what to look for with a horse. At first, I thought the author was just being a snob about the "only horse worth breeding is certified and papered" thing, but the more I read, the more I saw that she had a really good point, and a really good reason for believing that.

Dawn said...

I can see her point with other animals too. If you're going to breedcats and dogs you should assume responsibility not simply for the health of your dogs but for the soundness of their health and disposition. The whopping majority of us don't give that a though so really, maybe we should leave it to the people who really know what the implications of what they're doing are.

The pounds and shelters are already overfilled after all.