Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Summary

The husband left for northern New Brunswick early-early Saturday morning. I should see him in a month...For a few days before he flys to Toronto for a course and then in a couple of weeks after that...For a few days before he goes back up north for an unguessable amount of time.

Catherine's party at the local wildlife park happened Saturday. It went well. We were right behind the guy feeding the animals and so we got to see most of the animals up close. The bobcats were fighting and we were all awed by their fierceness. The moose was right up next to the fence and we were all awed by his size. The bunnies were mating and we were all...Giggling.

Saturday night the kids and I bummed around at my sister's house until her Saturday night Texas Hold Em game started. Though I'm a committed 45's player I joined in and bumbled around until almost 1 am. The kids ran around and watched movies on the HUGE plasma TV in the basement until they fell asleep. Excellent night. Lots of dirty jokes and swearing. We're doing it again next weekend.

Sunday I went back to my sister's to collect my children where I left them the night before. Had coffee and leftover birthday cake for breakfast and had a great gossip session with my sister and her roomates.

Monday? We're all beat. It was go-go-go most of the weekend and junkfood at nearly every meal. The stress of Daddy leaving finally kicked in the bickering was on. I summoned the Terrible Mommy Voice (that deep rumbling one that the neighbours a mile down the road can hear, you know that one) to stop the bickering and the fighting dissolved into tears. Then we all glowered at each other for half an hour. Then we smiled a bit. Then we had carrot sticks and cheese and read together and now, balance seems to be coming back to the house.


Laura said...

I hate days like that. I also know that mommy voice--I think of it as my angry Janis Joplin voice, except I can't sing.

*breathe, breathe*

molytail said...

Oh do I ever know about this stuff. The having Daddy away stuff, I mean. Does he have a computer with him so you guys can do the webcam thing? Blair and I do that sometimes - he doesn't have his own computer, but my cousin (also out there) does and Blair can use it whenever. "course it's not the same, but it's something.

Blair's home Aug 5 for a 2 week visit - then off again.

Pssst, wanna know a secret? We're actually thinking of moving out there with him. Maybe. It would be a huge thing and ridiculously complicated, but we're looking at it as a possibility.