Friday, July 25, 2008

Cut it Out Already.

For those who haven't followed the latest PZ Myers drama there's a good post at Lynn's blog that will update you. The short story is that PZ said some unkind things about the communion wafer following in incident where a young man got himself in trouble by pocketing a wafer rather then eating it at a Catholic service. Some Catholics objected and proceeded to embarrass themselves and all Christians with the way they went after both PZ (calling for him to be fired) and the young man who started the whole mess. PZ is rightfully done with the whole thing.

I just want to say shut up. Shut up to those who've chosen to do violence to PZ through threats and character assasination. Shut up to those who can't seem to wrap their heads around the whole, "turn the other cheek", idea. Shut up to those who, like James Dobson or Bill Donohue, choose to pitch a fit worthy of a spoiled 5 year old whenever there's some criticism of Christianity in the media. Shut up to those who blindly follow the orders of those men and men like them rather to think critically about the issue. Shut up to those who provide support for the increasingly common belief that Christianity is a narrow-minded, intolerent, intellectually challenged and emotionally stunted religion.

"Thou shalt take offence at every possible opportunity", is NOT one of the commandments.


Frankie said...


JJ Ross said...

Class act as usual, Dawn. Christianity is lucky to have your voice being heard too. :)

Dawn said...

Except they may lose me. I'm having honest doubts about how Christian I am these days. Stuff like this kerfuffle doesn't help!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for the mention to my blog, a virtual altar to King Kongian justa theory.

I also wanted to add that JJ's posts on this topic have been very thought-provoking. (Her latest is here.)

I know what you mean about the story getting tiring, which is unfortunate because there seem to be so many layers of importance -- as JJ points out :)

So, basically this is an "I (Heart) JJ" comment :D

JJ Ross said...

Aw shucks, you guys!

Big hugs from my big blue brain to all of y'alls!
(y'all's??) (y'allses?)