Friday, October 19, 2007

Zoombinis and the New Job

Although we have done some real work in the past couple of days the majority of Catherine's time has been taken up playing either the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis or Zoombini's Mountain Rescue. And when I say majority, I mean it. She's putting in 6 to 8 hours a day. And Harry has been spending the same amount of time glued to her side, watching.

I don't mind. Catherine and Harry, although they don't have any limits on such things, aren't usually video or PC game zombies. They'll go a week or two without touching the computer/Gamecube/XBox/Ninteno DS (with me and the husband however it's a different matter). And this is the Zoombinis, a series of games famous for it's fantastic and addicting approach to logic and critical thinking.

So I'm happy.

I'm happy anyway though. This was my husband's first week working for his new company and it's been wonderful to see him come home tired but happy. And the schedule! He works real 40 hour weeks and just weekdays. I can't even communicate how wonderful this is after 10 years of irregular shift work. I can plan things like grocery trips and they can happen at the same time and on the same day every week! The benefits are amazing and the pay great but the regular schedule is the thing that I keep smiling like an idiot over. That and the fact that my husband comes home smiling like an idiot because he's so happy.


Anonymous said...

I was where you are close to two years ago, now. My husband had been in a business where it was just he and his partner. The business, unfortunately, started to go downhill and the stress uphill--long hours, Saturdays, uncertain paychecks, no insurance, etc.

Then, he got a job in the corporate world, which he surprised himself by enjoying. He was home the same time every day--a decent time! His commute was shorter, we had a known paycheck and insurance and other benefits, etc. Whoo, boy, we were walking on air!

Congratulations to you, your husband, and your family!

Dawn said...

Thanks! In my husband's case he's going from dead-end management to a trade...Blue collar work. :) After 13 years of mangaging people and bills and payroll though he's more than ready for some physical work on his own.