Monday, October 1, 2007

Krtek - Czechoslovakian for Mole

Harry wanted to look at some pictures of volcanoes exploding tonight so we went to YouTube. First we found this video produced by Ignite Learning.

It's a fun little video and Harry had a good time dancing to the song. Ignite Learning has a whole bunch of educational videos and I plan to show their video on Making Molecules with Atoms to Catherine tomorrow.

After that it was close to bedtime so instead of reading a story we turned to Mole, a little guy we'd found on YouTube a couple of months ago. Mole, or Krtek, seems to have been a much loved Czechoslovakian cartoon character many years ago and the cartoons are very sweet little shorts that Harry adores. A search for Mole or Krtek will turn up dozens of shorts on YouTube. Here's one:


kitten said...

WOW! That is so neat. You are so cool! Oh, I got my meme done.

Dawn said...

I'm going over to check it out!