Monday, October 15, 2007


Thanks to GeeArt16 Catherine has been lead down some very neat roads. Her first GeeArt online lesson had quite a bit packed into it but what made the biggest impact was the little section on Leonardo Da Vinci. It wasn't simply the art or inventions that caught her fancy, it was how he was so willing to experiment and make mistakes. That's what she is so taken with.

Next spelling test when she's worried about spelling a word wrong I'll just remind her to, "Be like Da Vinci!"

To supplement we've been watching Sister Wendy's Story of Painting. I remember loving the series when I was younger and hoped Catherine would be similarly enchanted. She was. She hung on Sister Wendy's every word. She did however, spend the first couple of episodes waiting for the appearance of Leonardo. And when he did appear, she was in heaven.

When Leonardo appeared so did Raphael. When Raphael appeared, so did Michaelangelo (if only there had been a bit on Donatello - We would have had all the ninja turtles!). Catherine spent the whole episode with her mouth open. When I asked her if she liked the Renaissance her answer was, "YES!"

Sister Wendy was a pleasure for me to watch the first time but now, watching my daughter watch Sister Wendy...Infinitely better!

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kitten said...

Never heard of the movie, but it is great that your daughter is so intrigged. It's such a great thing to see a child enjoy learning or finding something that captures them.