Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Tally

10 kids. That's it.

I had high hopes. We had a couple of families with kids move in nearby and I optimistically made up 25 treat bags. Big ones too.

Now I've got a ton of sugary, cheap candy to dispose of.

Next year I'm sticking to giving out chocolate and beer so I get to enjoy the leftovers.


Anonymous said...

Freeze them, I did that one year, worked great!

JJ Ross said...

We live on a quiet cul-de-sac street in a neighborhood heavy on friendly retirees, but one family next door to us has three kids and seem to belong to an active church for their socializing. Every Wed. night before dark, cars park in front of our house and disgorge families with covered dishes, presumably for some kind of weekly church circle or the like.

So this Halloween was a Wednesday. More than double the usual number of cars, all up and down our little street, and all the kids are in costume. A party, we figure, how nice. Then about 7 pm there was a loud knock and the whole huge crowd (kids of all ages plus some parents) is at our door, took two bowls of candy to treat them all, and they're off to the next house! No one else came to our door all evening. I guess no other kids would come on the street when they saw all those cars?

I'm annoyed by this though I can't put my finger on why -- I guess I feel like we were used to host someone else's private party, without even being asked in advance and given the chance to demur (much less being invited! -- instead my 12-year-old stayed home and dealt out the candy to all these strange kids not from around here.)

What do you think?