Saturday, October 13, 2007

The New Baby

Our old printer was running out of ink. To buy high yield refills would have cost over $90. I had $50 in Staples gift cards and Staples had a sale on a monochrome multi-function printer.

Meet our new darling:

It's a Brother 7020 and it does everything but print in colour. The lack of colour is no huge deal as we mainly print coloring pages, text documents and worksheets.

We really couldn't afford to run an inkjet anymore. Even when we bought the cheaper cartridges (moderate yield they call them) we were still spending $50-$60. The laser printer not only cost less then the high yield refills but will cost at least 10 cents less per page printed.

And this baby is fast. Where our inkjet poked along at the speed of an anesthetized snail the laser had a 16 page coloring book printed in seconds.

I love it. I love it.


Anonymous said...

I saw that on sale and thought that's the one I would have bought too if we didn't need a networked one. (Plus I still use my old one for a scanner). I like it! Isn't it great having a decent printer!

Dawn said...


But yeah, this one isn't networked. However, it does have a parallel port! I laughed at that until my husband pointed out that a lot of small businesses use older computers and need that port.

In fact, he took in his old dot matrix printer (from his days of owning a C64)last year to work because they needed one and new ones were so expensive.

Old tech doesn't die, it just gets consigned to the offices of small businesses.

Anonymous said...

Hubby went crazy a couple months ago trying to find floppy disks, LOL. He wanted to program some ham radios and needed a slow computer to do it. So he got a freecycled 386 laptop, downloaded DOS and then had to have floppies. He could only find one floppy, LOL. The poor guy had to run a major sneaker network marathon formatting that floppy and putting Disk 1 on it, installing Disk 1, format and put disk 2 on it, etc etc etc. It was a hoot.

kitten said...

Gosh! I want one now. But we do use a lot of color, but to have something like that would be wonderful and I could deal with out the color. I use a lot of ink.