Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Of Course!

Spelling, grammar, Singapore word problems and a GeeART 16 lesson today. Then off to the Girl Guides for Catherine's weekly meeting.

While there a girl told her she had a question for Catherine about her homeschooling.

"Do you have a teacher that comes to your house or is your mom your teacher?"

"My mom, my computer and my TV are my teachers," was Catherine's response. It's nice that I rank with the electronic equipment!

Then it was Catherine's turn.

"Who's your favourite artist?"

"My art teacher," the girl replied, "Who's yours?"

"Leonardo Da Vinci, of course!"

Of course.


Anonymous said...

You just posted this so you'd have something homeschooly up! Mmmm hmmmm.... Really though, isn't it the coolest thing having smart, intelligent, informed kids! I love it!

Dawn said...

Oh my. I'm transparent, aren't I?


Deb said...


you know i always pictured other kids finding out that mine are homeschooled and then being skepticle about it...

but the exact opposite is true!!!

other kids find out that Drew and Myles are homeschooled and they say how they wish they were too...

... I always find this curious...

comforting... but curious...