Saturday, October 27, 2007

3 Down, 2 to go

I'm housecleaning to get ready for Christmas. This is major housecleaning I'm talking about, gutting rooms and chucking stuff and rearranging furniture and I'm doing it room by room.

I started early last week with the master bedroom. In a house that's just over 750 square feet it seems that the master bedroom often doubles as the storeroom. But I managed to work on it all one day and got it looking decent by supper time.

Next was the kids rooms. That was the real chore. On Friday I went in armed with a bag for garbage and a bag for donations and went ruthlessly through the kids stuff. They played. For little messes they're fine but for the utter disaster their room had become, a professional was needed.

The living room was yesterday and today. It was spread over two days because I was not only chucking and donating but also rearranging. It wasn't bad when I started but since I wanted to go through EVERYTHING it looked like a disaster area by yesterday evening. It's nice now though and all the books are on the proper shelves and all the tinker toys and Legos are in their respective boxes.

So only the kitchen and bathroom left. Those rooms will be easy however. They aren't the disaster zones the bedrooms were and they aren't the overstuffed, waiting-to-implode time bomb that the living room was. They just need the regular weekly scrubbing and surface cleaning. It will be a welcome relief to scrub the toilet rather thensort through yet another bucket of toys.


Not June Cleaver said...

Impressive! It would take me forever to do what you are doing in a several days.

Dawn said...

The one advantage I've got is that my house is 760 square feet. :) Of course, that's also a problem too because of all the stuff we try to cram into this little house.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, too!

I was just reading an article tonight about the negative psychological impact that clutter has on us. A cleaner house - and improved mental health! Congratulations!

Ever since my daughter confided that she thinks of her stuffed animals as children (each of which has a special name and heartfelt sentimental value), I haven't had the heart to give them away. But,... they're taking over the house! :O

kitten said...

I have been doing that also, but keep getting interupted. I really need to go back through the kids rooms one more time and I haven't yet sit down to my drawers.
Yep! My bedroom seems to be the storing place.

Dawn said...

Lynn - True! I've been struggling under the weight of clutter for a long time now and it's awful. There's no place to play a board game, no place to eat together, at times no patch of clean floor to step on (at least in the bedrooms). It's dark and depressing.

Oh, and I couldn't touch my daughter's stuffed animals either. Almost everything else I considered fair game however. :)