Friday, October 26, 2007

Best Birthday Gift EVER!

I don't have a lot of my toys from childhood. There's a Cabbage Patch doll and an almost threadbare Ernie from Sesame Street but that's about it. We tended to store our toys in garbage bags and that occasionally led to some being chucked with the garbage by accident. All my Barbies went out that way.

One toy though that I had a special connection with and have often wished I still had was a Rowlf puppet/stuffed animal.

We were huge muppet fans and each of the kids had one special stuffed doll of their favourite character. One brother had Kermit, another Scooter, my sister had Fozzie and I had Rowlf.

And I'd lost him along the way.

Until yesterday when I opened a bag my brother, living on the other side of the country, had sent to me. Inside was Rowlf.

I'd been told this present was going to be fabulous. It was. There he was looking just like he had when I was child. I slipped my hand in the back, turned him to face me and it was like meeting an old friend again.

Apparently my most awesome brother found him in a shop in BC. Obviously not my specific Rowlf but closer than I ever thought I'd come to him. The kids can play with him but he stays in my room when not in use and occupies a place of honour on the dresser letting me know that yes, it all works out in the end.


Not June Cleaver said...

Wow, that was so thoughtful! He probably remembers Rowlf as fondly as you do. Nice.

Rolfe said...

That was a great story, and a great gift. It's funny, I've always had an attachment to Rowlf too.

kitten said...

Awesome! What a great present!