Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our New Art Curriculum - geeART 16

It's geeART 16!

I'd actually looked at this before when Sprittibee mentioned it some time ago. Well, less mentioned, more raved. I had chaecked it out and was impressed. The only problem was it was $70 US.

Today I went back after finding out (me and my googling habit) there was a summer sale and the cost had been reduced to $28! $28 for a year's worth of lessons. And since the Canadian dollar is so strong these days that's a real, honest-to-goodness $28 for me.

Whoo hoo!

So I sat my daughter down, started up the sample lesson and watched from a distance. She was hooked immediately. The lesson theme was paint and what it had been made of and stored in over the course of history. Catherine learned about what Ancient Egyptian brushes were made of, the sources of different pigments, what a binder is, how paint in tubes changed art...Just an amazing wealth of cool stuff. And this took her over an hour to get through. And she still had activities left to do.

As we turned it off so she could get ready for Girl Guides I also noticed that there were lesson plans availible for offline use.

Needless to say I suscribed to the site. It offers a lot of value and will make a welcome addition to our homeschooling.

Try out the sample lesson here and see for yourself what it has to offer.

Note: This isn't a paid endorsement or anything, just me being typically enthusiastic about a neat find.


Anonymous said...

I emailed them and asked if there will ever be a CD version as we'd like something we can "keep", rather than something that expires, and they said a CD version called "Creativity Express" is being released in a couple of weeks. (Turns out Hope doesn't like it anyway, she's very opinionated about art but still, a CD will be nice).

kitten said...

Don't you just love Sales! I do.