Saturday, October 13, 2007

Speaking of Logic...

PrairieFrog Blog has a really cute post and puzzle about the logic Dell's daughter uses to determine what numbers are male and female (!). See if you can figure it out before reading the comments.

Hint: Check out the information on Dell and her kids in the sidebar.


Dell said...

I just found this blog, and will be marking it to come back often. :) My sidebar is a good hint on my 5 year old's logic puzzle (which had me puzzled for a while too!)

Noticed your post about AVKO below, we just started it a few months ago with my 7 year old a few months ago, and I am very impressed!

Congratulations on the new printer! A good printer/copier is such a blessing!

Dawn said...

I'm glad you stopped by! I thought your daughter's idea was so clever. :)

Glad to hear another endorsement of AVKO as well. I'd sort of dismissed spelling up until this year when it became apparent how bad Catherine's spelling was.