Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is This?

 Go on, guess.

Okay, I'll tell. Catherine's L'Art de Lire work for today was to colour a little story in the text that we've been reading for the last few days (I started her at Level 1 which is sort of geared to younger grades so yep, there's some colouring). That piece of paper is what she tested the colours on before she used them. She had to determine the proper shades of red, brown, grey, etc. before she would use them on anything.

It took her an hour to colour the very simple illustrations.

I don't know why Mimi la Souris warranted such care and attention to detail but shucks, it was one of those times where I just felt a sense of wonder for my daughter.

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molytail said...

Cindy's fussy like that too! There's more crayons and markers and pencil crayons around here then you can shake a sheep at because Cindy's always telling me that she doesn't have "the exact right colours!" and needs a pack with different shades.... And there's not a darn thing wrong with some colouring - we actually use it a fair bit because colouring a picture of something helps Cindy 'keep' it in her head...she likes to colour or draw when I read out loud too... :-)

Is she enjoying the program then? We're bad Canadians, 'cuz we're not doing French.... Part of Cindy's public school period was spent in French immersion, (3 years & 2 months out of 5) so with the ps's not even starting any French until grade 4, she's actually got a jump on them...we might take it up next year, we'll see...