Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Worries

I thought Death had come for my car this weekend. I was driving it to a choir practice Saturday morning and the poor little thing's engine began shaking like crazy. I freaked, turned around and went home. The only time I'd been in a car with an engine shaking that badly was when the car was destined to throw a piston through the engine block.

I've been worrying. If it was the engine then my lovely little Elantra wagon was destined for the junkyard as the engine would likely be worth more then the car. I don't want to give up my car. Although it's a ten year old machine it still worked well up until the weekend and seemed to have years left.

My wonderful car.

Besides the worries, I have real stuff to do this week. I'm meeting another homeschooling mom tommorrow, have to see the doctor, go to my first Guides meeting as a leader, my EFM course, time with a friend...I've already been cheated out of an important choir practice. If it was something serious the whole week might be out the window.

Oh yeah. And serious stuff costs buckets of money.

This morning I called up my local garage (I have a wonderful garage), told them what was wrong and they said they could take it today. Whoo hoo! I dropped it off (my husband's fantastic grandfather gave me a drive home) and hoped. They called an hour later.

Spark plugs and wires.

I needed new spark plugs and wires.

I was freaking when all the car needed was spark plugs and wires.

Ah well. The week is saved, the repair bill was cheap and my lovely little car is healthy. All's well that ends well.


Jacqueline said...

Glad to hear it wasn't more serious

NYC Educator said...

Congratulations. You really had me in suspense there for a while.

molytail said...

*phewf* ...glad it was just the plugs & wires!

Luke said...

Very glad that everything worked out so well!