Saturday, September 27, 2008

Two Dogs Are Better Than One

We're looking after my parents' dog for a month as they go traveling. It's been a joy. Their little Lhasa-Pom, Buffy has become our mutt's best friend. Kia is having a ball with this little fluffball and we're seriously considering adding another dog to the mix when Buffy goes back home.

Here's what they've been up to:


Julie said...

I couldn't concentrate on the dogs for checking out the sofa!! Looks pretty comfy to me!

molytail said...

Hahahaha too cute! Hey, is that Crazy Frog I can hear in the second one?

Dana said...

We had too dogs for a time. They were pretty wild. A nice old and well-behaved Malamute named Kieva and a wild adolescent herding dog of some sort (red heeler cross, I think) named Adelaide.

Anyway, our Kieva knew the house rules...the puppy I think was set on breaking every one of them. But I never had to scold. One look and possibly a bark from Kieva and Adelaide stopped in her tracks and returned to her little toy.