Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Ice Age

 So today was history right? Remember that new plan of English and Math in the morning and then one whole subject in the afternoon? Well, I wrote down a bunch of stuff we could do today but as the afternoon approached I got lazy and just grabbed my copy of Prehistoric Canada and gave her the first few worksheets to do if she wanted. She did and so she labeled ice sheets and coloured land bridges. Then came a page on Ice Age mammals that she adored. The page suggested she research an animal so she got on Google and looked for information on the giant sloth and sat and read a couple of articles. Not too bad.

She wanted a printout of the articles but being too lazy to format them properly after the copying and pasting I simply googled, "Giant Sloth worksheet." Oh yeah! Enchanted Learning! I always forget to check there. They had a half dozen or so printables on ice age mammals so Catherine took them all to colour and read and stick in her new history binder (no, I didn't make one up like I did with the music one. I just grabbed an empty one from my stash). She's doing that now as she and Harry watch The Black Cauldron.

Yesterday I had the benefit of a well planned day and we had fun and did some great stuff. Today I sat back on my heinie and went with the easiest route I could find and Catherine still had fun and did some great stuff.

Being lazy pays off sometimes. Now excuse me. I have to continue the theme and go throw something on for supper that contains processed meats and requires no effort.

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