Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gosh, I'm Such a Scammer.

 I just reread my last post. What a meaty post filled with lots of links and nice looking activities...

You'd almost think I have my act together.


I don't. I lost my nifty homeschooling binder Monday and in a mindless panic bought that Master Planner thing I mentioned in the last post.  Then I found the binder. Under a pile of books and paper that I need to toss...Someday. Tomorrow I have History for the afternoon and not a bloody idea about what to do. I think it will likely involve popcorn and Digimon. 

That is all.



lorraine m said...

Hahahaha, you were reading my mind weren't you? I read all that and I thought OMG Catherine is going to be so knowledgeable in this stuff, maybe I should bring this stuff into our house, hmmmmm where is that Music Ace Deluxe software I've never used and have lost now, maybe I should get some biographies from the libraries, would they even give a hoot, probably not, those forms are cool, maybe I need those forms, then maybe I'd organize some activity stuff, oh that reminds me I never did print that stuff out this afternoon, the Math Mammoth clock stuff, the printer wouldn't work, now I"ll forgot all about it, hmmmm 9:30pm maybe I should make the kids get off the computer and go to bed, then maybe we'll do something official tomorrow.

Now that I see it was all a well timed fluke I'm much more relaxed. But it sounds darn good anyway, I will give you that. I love it when a day falls together. :-)

Keep on bein' real.

Dawn said...

Phew! I posted it just in time then. :D

Jacqueline said...

Phew! I was getting ready to put you on my pie in the sky homeschooler list. ;) Glad to know you're human like the rest of us.

kitten said...

LOL! No scammer, but very imformative! Thanks!

Julie said...

Oh Good! Just like me!!
I still enjoyed the other post though!!