Thursday, May 10, 2007

You might be a Cow Patty if...

Doc posted a link to a howler of a page. It's all about Prairie Muffins, nice godly women who listen to their husbands and wear aprons. Prairie muffins is also a term for poop.

Now I'm jealous. They get to have a manifesto and pick out a cute poop name for themselves? I am not going to be outdone on this. I'd like to announce that from now on, I am a Cow Patty. You might be one too and can take the following questionarie to determine if you are.

I believe in;
a) a god.
b) gods.
c) the Flying Spagetti Monster
d) George Clooney.

I think sweatpants are;
a) Okay for jogging.
b) perfect for working around the house.
c) smashing when topped with a stained beer logo T-shirt!

I believe homosexuality is;
a) natural.
b) intriguing...
c) just a normal part of my life.

My apron is;
a) a mess.
b) non-existent.
c) huh? What's an apron?

I clean my home;
a) often.
b) really...I clean often...
c) ...often enough anyway.
d) Okay, okay. I clear paths with my feet as I'm walking through a room but that's cleaning. Sort of. Isn't it?

The idea to submitting to partner's authority over a relationship makes me;
a) giggle.
b) chuckle.
c) double over with laughter.

How do you score yourself? Easy, if you picked a,b,c or d in answer to any of the questions above, you're allowed to join the ranks of the Cow Patties. If you were too lazy to take the quiz or had to forgo it in order to seperate a couple of kids who were fighting, you can be a Cow Patty too.

In fact, the only thing that would disqualify a person from being a Cow Patty is if they were a Prairie Muffin.

As for the Prairie Muffins...I'll meet you out back of Joe's Soda Shop for a rumble. We'll see who has the cutest poop name.

We'll see.

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