Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sober Second Thought

I've been thinking about my trouble with the upcoming curricullum fair. Prompted by some good comments on my prov. email list I've come to the conclusion that I should put up or shut up on the issue. Either I should volunteer and help the NSHEA and offer a different viewpoint or I should join another prov. organization that has concerns closer to mine.

The fact of the NSHEA may be that the people running it have a certain view or bias but they work hard with limited manpower and resources and if those of us with different ideas and POV's don't step up and help, the blame for things like the current conference has to fall on us as well.

I see a parallel with the COH. I should either work to help change it or work to build an alternative. Sitting on the sidelines throwing drink cups gets me nowhere. The deciding factor might be again, me being a christian. Maybe that demands I engage the christians running the NSHEA rather then join the other group.

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Anonymous said...

re: I see a parallel with the COH

The thought has occurred to me, too. In a way, and as a former christian, I have wondered about CoH as a possible opportunity to share liberating views with people stuck in closed social circles which rarely allow exposure to anything but the most narrow, restrictive views. It's such a "fertile mission field." ;)