Sunday, May 13, 2007

Carnival of Homeschooling

I'm about the thousandth person to comment on this today but it seems the latest COH host took the liberty of removing a post of Éireann's. See, Midwifemom had a little trouble reading School of Thought...

I occasionally read the Carnival and skim through and read what sounds interesting. So far, I had only run across good Christian blogs through the Carnival. I was very dismayed when I went to School of Thoughts blog to read more on unschooling. I had to weed through so much trash talk, that I don't even know if I ever read the blog that I came for. When blogs are being considered for the Carnival, the whole blog should be taken in consideration not just one post.

Now of course when a grown woman can't find her back button on the toolbar a nanny should step in as soon as possible to shield her eyes for her, right?

Yeah. Right.

Anyhow, I'm not completely convinced this doesn't have something to do with Éireann's criticism of this post from the current COH. I'm not completely convinced Midwifemom wasn't more offended by Éireann's atheism then her swearing. Regardless, Tia was all too happy to respond to Midwifemom's refusal to take responsibility for what she viewed by deleting the School of Thought entry.

Now there's talk of leaving the COH behind. But is there any chance of an offensive?
Is there any chance of snatching more COH hosting duties, submitting more posts with the odd 'fuck' or detailing atheist, liberal christian, lesbian, etc. homeschooling experiences? I mean, this is the fundy pattern - The war of attrition that eventually pushes out those of us with more then two digits in our IQ.

Could we push back?

P.S. I submitted a post several weeks back about our Cafe Press 'Evolved Homeschooler' gear and got neither a response nor a spot in the carnival. I thought someone messed up. Now I'm not sure. I've resubmitted it in any case.


JJ Ross said...

There was a time when the American Way would have made this conversation absurd but no more.

Sadly, I don't think this is just about CoH censorship but twisting all sorts of secular public policy to protect the discriminator rather than the discriminated against, more akin to pharmacists claiming their own religious convictions require they refuse to fill birth control prescriptions, and licensed airport cabbies who refuse to carry passengers with (perfectly legal) bottled spirits in their luggage.

The CoH is not something that ever appealed to me so I have no interest in pushing to be part of it now, but I was burned recently by the Homeschool Blog Awards in similar fashion, not realizing that the Suarez family's enterprise Homeschoolbloggger made the rules, set the tone and ran the show.

But why would we care to fight them for it, I'm wondering? And how could we hope to win, given the current moralistic cloaking of almost every thought and expression in modern culture?
I can't see much chance of restoring the low-key tolerance of belief differences I personally grew up with, before a few Dominionist man-gods pumped up on political steroids wrested control of every conversation and convention. . .

Dawn said...

Yes. I think maybe my interest is different though ( I didn't think about that until after the post)and that's why I feel I should push back.

These bullies share my religion and everytime they try these tactics I get painted with the same brush by some. And maybe that's as it should be because I have a responsibility, by virtue of being a christian, to challenge them on their claims. Someone in the family needs to say, "No, that's not how we have to do things...Now go shut the fuck up please."

Maybe the atheists and non-christians need to set up a flank position by starting a secular carnival and theliberal christians need to start harrying the frontlines? :)

JJ Ross said...

You are amazing! -- and absolutely on target imo.
Good for you . . . JJ

Dawn said...

Shucks. I know I'm amazing. It's always been obvious.

I'm modest as well. :D

Lynn said...

< Now there's talk of leaving the COH behind. But is there any chance of an offensive? >

Funny, you should mention this because, as I just came from School of Thought and read a comment by Natalie that got my wheels spinning. She said that she's hosting CoH (in July) and that she has to work with what she's given, in terms of submissions. Wouldn't it be interesting if she got a bunch of secular rants I mean submissions from us? It could be a last hurrah, of sorts. I'm evil, I know.

Dawn said...

Sounds good to me. :)

I already re-submitted my 'evolved homschooler' cafe press post from a few weeks beck so I'm shot for submissions but I think that sounds perfect.

Submissions deadline is tommorrow evening. What if someone came up with a post that linked to all the rants to submit?